You have never taken the time, you find it too complicated, yet the subject interests you. We propose you to discover in all simplicity the techniques of shooting through a photo workshop where you will be able to put into practice the basic (but fundamental) notions of photography that we will see together.

Your camera will no longer hold any secrets for you! You will perfectly master the shutter speed, aperture, depth of field and other focal length... 

All that remains for you to do is to practise, your holidays in Corsica are waiting for you.



Some may have already experienced it, when you arrive in a region you don't know it is difficult to judge the interest of a hike. It is better to be able to talk to someone who knows it.


Some people may have already experienced it, when you go hiking, it happens that the markers no longer exist (or not), that you don't know which cairn to devote yourself to ... and there inevitably, it is a little moment of bewilderment! Believe me, the Corsican maquis can be complicated! Better to be able to follow someone who knows it.


We propose you to discover the region!


In order for you to discover the beauty of the coastline, we offer kayak trips. The residence has three kayaks (3 * RTM ocean duo = 6 adults + 3 children) which will allow you to spend one day on the water per week of stay at no extra charge! 

We take care of the logistics of launching: drop off the kayaks on the departure beach, pick up the kayaks on the arrival beach, return of the drivers to the cars.

Take your picnic, don't forget your caps and make one of the itineraries that we'll suggest you. Stop on the beaches of your choice to refresh yourself.
Take your time, just arrive before dark!